Andy Nguyen

Climber by day // Web Designer & Developer by night


University of Colorado @ Boulder // 2004 - 2008



I taught myself how to write html back in like middle school so I could put my art up on the web... seems like its still the same =]

I have no problems hand coding XHTML valid pages & creating table-less CSS layouts, and can handle all aspects of the design and development process from start to finish.

I picked up PHP during high school and realized that its easy integration with databases such as MySQL opened up HUGE doors.

I've developed random things from registration forms, image resizers to big member sites like

Content Management Systems (CMS) like Wordpress or Joomla, also allow my clients (like Patricia) the ability to easily edit their site. I've customized ones from scratch as well.

Lately I've been picking up on OOP and have been restructuring my PHP code and have become a lot more efficient in writing applications. It is pretty sweet I must say. Learning it also helped me be able to decypher other php code easily now. "omg what do those arrows mean?!"
If you've never heard of AJAX, think GMail or Google Maps. I've used it to enhance sites like West End. As one of the new ideas in the web "2.0" world, I think it'll have a pivotal role in shaping user interactivity in the future. It's a pretty exciting new tool that I've been trying to pick up these past couple years. These menus for example, are made in jQuery.

My Tools

I was rocking the filters and pen tool waay before I knew what html even was. (when was photoshop 4.0 around?) Over the years I refined my skill and started using it as a way of combining tangible mediums such as inks, digital photos, or scans. My skillset allowed me to professionally retouch photos for various clients.

I've only recently started experimenting in Illustrator in the last couple years, and have began to understand why there was such a huge vector craze in art communities like deviantArt. I like making vectors here and throwing them into photoshop to mix things up. Would love to start designing t shirts, anybody interested?
I'll admit I only have a year of Flash under my belt. But it's the scripting that gets me. Most of my actionscript experience comes from modifying tutorials, so I'm at least familar with the syntax though. There's a couple old projects that were made entirely flash for some of my class finals.

Check out my ThemeScapes for motion tweened climbing footage in the dead of winter. Did entirely by hand before I discovered that I could do the same in actionscript. x_X

Or my Capstone final, which was presented on a sweet interactive touch screen in the Atlas building.
Because dreamweaver sucks. I do almost everything in here, from Asp to Xhtml. This and firefox are almost always open.